B.F.D. Engineering Ltd.            

8279 - 130th Street, Surrey, B.C. V3W 7X4
Located in Canada

      Office (604) 592-2346
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 Cell (604) 329-1073
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About B.F.D. Engineering Ltd.

BFD Engineering was founded in 1982.

Conveniently located in Surrey B.C., BFD is serving a large segment of the industrial community by providing machining expertise in replacement parts creation, custom design and much more.

At BFD, we have been adding more machines to increase our capabilities. We have grown steadily in size to better accommodate today's challenging technology.

What are your operating requirements?

Discover for yourself our ability to meet or EXCEED your individual needs and objectives,  at very competitive prices!

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  • Prompt, accurate service.
  • Design and material improvement.
  • We strive to make it better!


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